Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fast forward 5 months...

5 months have passed since I last wrote anything!! Oops. Although for the majority of this time I was back in Australia finishing up my contract with my work. Although it was sad saying goodbye to many people, I am excited at the new chapter we are beginning!

Sefo was supposed to come to Australia for Christmas and New Years, although an issue with his ancient passport (in that it is hand written and not electronic!) meant that he couldn't get a visa for Australia so he got stuck in Fiji! He ended up having Christmas with a family friend, while I had Christmas in Australia with my family! I stayed long enough for a big birthday party for my mum a few days after Christmas and then headed to Fiji to meet Sefo so we could see in the New Year together.

We spent an extra week in Suva and did a lot of shopping! We also went to the movies, where for about $4AUD a ticket you can see the latest films! After Suva we stayed at the Intercontinential Hotel which is absolutely amazing! It is in Natadola which is really the prettiest beach on the main island, and it is away from anything so dont go there expecting a lot to do other than relaxing! It would be fun to go with a group of friends though, so anyone interested let us know coz we will definately be going back!! The rooms are all advanced with electronic wonders, massive beds and bathrooms and a big bath for 2 on the balcony!! We had a seafood buffet one night which meant we could eat as much as we wanted of lobster, crayfish, mussels, prawns, oysters...yum!! And the breakfasts were as good, if not better, than the Sofitel!!

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Fiji (after a quicky 2 night stop in Nadi for massages!)...and flew back into Wallis.

We have spent some time renovating the little house (tiles, curtains, flywire) and it is now looking really great - still no ceiling but future renovation plans for extending and raising the roof have put that off. But we have hot water!!! Well, I have hot water - Sefo pretends that he doesnt need it, although I have noticed quite a few occassions where he is keen to jump in the shower when I have it on!

Another addition which has livened up the place (and hurried the need for the renovations!) is the arrival of Sefos brother S, his partner A and their (almost) 3 year old son Ay who is a real little character! They want him to learn English so I am only speaking English with him and have already introduced him to the Wiggles! He is lots of fun, and with a new addition due to arrive in March for them its only going to get louder here!!

I have solved my problem of potential boredom here and have a job teaching English at the secondary school which starts in March - although I might get some tutoring work and some work at another school in Feb. Im really looking forward to the challenge, although also quite nervous as the prospect of running a class with a group of teenagers who I wont understand! But I think it will make me learn the languages much faster! I already feel like my French is improving being back, and everyone at home is really helping me grasp more of the local language too.

Nofola!! Til next time...