Friday, April 8, 2011


The school holidays in April last for 1 week, so while Sefo wasnt working, we decided to make the most of the break and go camping!! We headed to Faioa - with our 2 puppies for their first trip in a boat and also on an island - for 3 nights. We are really lucky to be able to go to one specific camping spot on the island though - we stayed at the spot which is owned by Sefos aunt and they have really decked it out well. The have rigged up some gutters and side-lying freezers to catch the rain water to that there is fresh water to wash with so every night we could have a proper wash. They have tables and chairs, mats to sit/lie on, a good sturdy shelter and a separate bbq area. It is really quite luxurious (especially when compared to other families areas further along the beach!) The area is also well set out, so that the pigs that live on the island can't come too close, and so long as we dont leave food out they are pretty good at leaving us alone!

The first day were arrived there were already people there - luckily only day trippers!! We chatted and relaxed and set up our tent. We had brought some chicken pieces which we marinated and cooked on the BBQ for dinner and had a delicious dinner!! There were heaps of mosquitos on the island which was unfortunate, but with sprays and coils we managed to survive!!

The dogs enjoyed sleeping right near our heads (on the outside of the tent) which meants every noise they made woke us up! But they are only little dogs so we couldnt get too mad - and what else what there to do on the island but rest anyway!! We woke up and had a lovely simple breakfast on the edge of the water looking at the beautiful view. I also saw, from a distance, my first turtle! It was swimming/feeding over the sea grass not far from shore. Lucky! Hopefully next time I can see one a bit closer!

Am, A, S and K (family) came to the island to visit us for the day and the boys went fishing. Another big group of people also came for the day - a few who spoke english - so it was nice to chat! There was fish for lunch and dinner! And the locals who were on the island made the most of the fish that the boys caught - with many of them standing in the water gnawing on raw fish!!

The 3rd day were were there we were on our own! Sefo went and did some fishing and caught our dinner while I relaxed and read! Such beautiful weather and it was easy to cool off by going for a swim! It was so peaceful and relaxing! We went for a stroll along the beach and Sefo got us some coconuts to drink!

Our last day was only a half day and Sefo dropped me back home and went fishing with the boys again. It was a bit hot and a bit lonely to stay on the island on my own! And by that time I was ready for a proper shower!!