Monday, September 12, 2011


I have been terrible at updating my blog! But I'll try and catch you up...

The last few months have been pretty busy (in Wallis standards!) - we had the 50th Anniversary of Wallis and Futuna becoming a French Territory. This meant there were lots of local dancing, feasts, public holidays and general celebrations. The best thing about it for me was that my parents came to visit! It was a struggle finding them somewhere to stay (as usual we left it pretty late)! but in the end it worked out perfectly so that they could stay in a friends self contained ensuite room down the road so they could chill out when they needed but spend lots of time with me too! We did lots of things while they were here - a couple of swims, drove around the island and went and saw a few things I hadn't seen yet - like the blood swap (a hard to get to site where a battle between Tongans and Wallisians occured many years ago - they say so much blood was shed that the swamp turned red) - today its a shady, swampy area with some amazing trees! We saw the first Tongan settlement - an area including rocky paths and patches (the king would only walk on rocks - his feet apparently werent allowed to touch the earth).

We went and watched some of the local dancing at the celebrations in the north of the island - it was funny to see my parents face when they were presented with food that they had no idea what it was!! They were pretty brave though and tried a few different things! It was great for them to see where I've been living and what things are like for me here. I think they are also relieved to see its not too basic and that for Tsunami warnings we are pretty high up! Also to see how little variety of food and clothing is here - so when I ask for something to be sent I really need it!!

It was really lovely just chilling out, speaking english, catching up and of course it was like Christmas for me as I'd put in a big order of things that I wanted them to bring me!! As Im pregnant I'm craving food from home that I cant get here!! It was great!

Sefo has been really busy over the last few months with a short term contract with Digicel, a mobile phone provider who is applying for a licence in Wallis. Its a tender process at the moment, but means that mobile will likely be here sometime next year. Im split about it - its good for Wallis to keep up to date with the world, but I also quite like not having a phone and being available 24/7!

He has also been busy preparing for the South Pacific Games which are to be held in Noumea. He will compete in the Va'a (Outrigger rowing) so has been training hard! He will do short course with V6 and V12 and also a solo marathon. The best bit is I am going to Noumea for a holiday! Being pregnant Im really looking forward to some cooler weather, hot showers and a comfy bed!!! And of course supporting my husband!!!

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