Friday, August 27, 2010

Visitors and visiting!

I'm a bit out of order with my posts, but I just wanted to say that our friends E&R came to Wallis to visit for the week before our wedding. Luckily the power and water stayed on so their stay wasn't too tough!
We took them out fishing/snorkeling one day, and another day, Sefos uncle took us in his boat to an island in the north. The little island was small, and others had the same idea so it was a bit crowded, so we went back to the mainland, but along the way we stopped at the Hole of Hell, which is a really deep blue hole surrounded by a shelf of coral - its the most beautiful snorkeling I have done here! R was very impressed, E did a great job having a look but her fear of fish meant she spent most of her time watching us have fun from the safety of the boat! It was amazing though - with photos to prove it!!
We were lucky to have the Wallis national day while they were here, which was celebrated with lots of traditional dancing.
We went out for dinner one night, and spent lots of time relaxing - afternoon naps every day! They said they enjoyed themselves which was the main thing!!

After the wedding, Sefos friend from Melbourne came and stayed for a few days. She is originally from Futuna so understands the local language. It was great having her here to translate! We went to Fioa - the beautiful island in the south for a day - the weather in the morning wasn't great, but then in the afternoon it improved a lot! On the way home we did some snorkeling and fishing and I had my first close encounter in the water with a shark! I was terrified and had a small panic attack! Sefo was great and protected us! Although the shark didn't even show any interest in us at all and was there and gone in seconds! I'm hoping next time I am braver and can stop and look at it in all its beauty (as I'm sure there will be a next time!).

On the Sunday, after saying goodbye to Sefos friend and his parents (who went to Noumea for a week) we went on an organised Island trip. This is the biggest tourism thing that Wallis does, and us (with some of Sefos relatives) and a lot of French people, took some traditional boats out to an island in the north. They provided breakfast and an amazing lunch - Umu (underground cooking) pork, chicken and fish, along with Bami, coleslaw and lots of other yummy things! They took a little boat ride for those who were interested to a small island next door which we could explore (and it was really beautiful!) and then after some beers, food and a nap we can back to the mainland. A really great day!

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