Monday, July 26, 2010


The water and power were put back on on Friday - thank goodness!! There is still talk about some of the people blockading and others striking, but hopefully it stays on for now - or at least until we go to Fiji and then they can do what they want!!
And having written that, Sefo has come home from work and told me there will be no water or electricity for the next few days...I hope its not true!

Our friends E and R arrive tomorrow and are staying for a week, then we will all go to Fiji together and begin the Festival of our Wedding! I cant wait! Relaxing, hot water, swimming pool, fresh food, cooked breakfast -and of course getting married!!

We have thought of a few things for E and R to do while they are here - but I'm sure a lot of relaxing is on the cards anyway! Hoepfully K and H will put on a Kareoke night on Sat night!!

I have been doing a little bit of tutoring work here - with a 12 year old boy which has been good. His family are keen for me to see him as much as possible before I leave, as am I as they are paying me quite a bit of money! Who wouldve thought tutoring would be so lucrative! Apprarently the boy is enjoying it so hopefully he will tell his friends and I can drum up some more business!

Other than that things are still are same here...countdown is on for our wedding!

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