Thursday, May 20, 2010


I made it to Fiji!!

My flight was eventful! B and M dropped me at the airport (at 5am so good effort from her!!) and it was a Qantas flight to Sydney. When I was checking in she said my baggage was over weight and i said i know-thatd why i paid for the extra! She said i paid jetstar (who I got the whole flight through) and not Qantas (who are carrying the Jetstar passengers!)! But luckily she checked me in and i wasnt charged any extra for the luggage - there would have been trouble if i was - considering the dramas i'd had getting it down to 26kg in the first place!! but it was all ok! phew!!
I arrived in Sydney and raced to the bus which would take me to the international airport and as i was getting my new boarding pass from the Jetstar terminal (my luggage was checked all the way through but had to get a new boarding pass because it was a jetstar flight) she asked where my ticket back to aust was. I explained that I was going from Fiji to Wallis (and my ticket was in my checked luggage!!). She said that she needed proof of this before she could give me a boarding pass. I had to race to the free internet in order to show her the email for the aircalin flight to wallis. She came and saw this, but because it was only a return flight to Fiji it didnt matter - I needed to prove that I had a ticket to return to Australia! I had no idea! I thought so long as the country that you were entering, knew you were going on to somewhere else, it would be fine. Apparently not. The Jetstar lady was very nice, and she said she couldn't give me a boarding pass unless i bought a ticket from Fiji back to Sydney. So, as it appeared to be the only way I was gonig to get onto the flight to see Sefo, I had to pay $500 to buy a one way ticket!! I wasnt silly, although I spent much more than the ticket is actually worth, I did purchase a jetstar fully flexible ticket that i can get my money back on which is good-considering i dont know the exact date that I am going to be returning to Australia! But so much hassle-and so much stress as all this had to be sorted in about 10 minutes to ensure that I made my flight! She then had to give me an express card so i could get to the gate in time to board! I raced through. I had seconds to choose a few mags-which i did without even looking at them, bought the first few bottles of sparkling i came across! and arrived as everyone was boarding. I was very sweaty and smelly...but i got there!

Then on the plane, it was delayed -the air hostess came and talked to me on the plane - she wanted to see my baggage sticker, which was all ok - luckily i hadnt lost it! Then came the announcement saying the plane was delayed sorting out baggage! I can only assume - considering my day so far - that the 'misplaced' baggage was mine!
There was a positive - the delay mean that I only had to wait about 10 minutes for Sefo at Fiji! I stood waiting directly out of the gate - I could see on the arrivals screen that his plane had landed. Every pair of shoes i could see come towards me (the glass was frosted to the feet!) i examined to see if they were his - any that were similar my heart rose to my chest and a tear sprung to my eye!! And then it was him!! I ran over to him and through myself into his arms for a hug! And there was nothing i could do to stop the tears!

The Radisson Hotel is nice -and its hot, although Sefo doesnt think that it is, which is a bit of a worry!! Its so great to be with him again. And being in Fiji means that i can pretend its just a holiday for a little bit longer!!

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  1. Hi Jo, Thanks for the blog link, it will be lots of fun to read this. Oh gosh the dramas already!!!! Have a fabulous time. Julie.xx