Monday, May 31, 2010

Wallis - Week 1

During the week, I was home alone while Sefo went to work - he gets a lunch break between 12-2 so we can have lunch together and see each other so it doesnt feel like such a long day alone! During the day I've been spending my time on the internet, watching some TV shows I have on my laptop, cleaning, doing washing, napping, reading...pretty much relaxing!! Although I did start planting a bit of the vegie garden - I dug a little patch up near the pigs - I planted rockmelon, watermelon and pumpkin alnd already there are a few seedlings coming up! We have plans to dig a bigger patch in an area that is a bit more protected so we can plant some of the seeds that I brought over - tomatoes, capsicum, corn, zucchini, snow peas, basil, dill...yum! hopefully they grow!! It's something to keep me busy!!

When Sefo and I are together we keep busy - One night we went over to his cousins house, L is house sitting a few doors down from where we are living so we went over for dinner. L didnt cook as he had been too busy so we got pizza!! We sat around watching video music clips he had downloaded and eating pizza and drinking beer - who would have thought I wasn't at home anymore!!

On Friday night we went and bought a couple of beers and went for a little drive around the island! Everyone drinks and drives here- but there aren't many people on the roads and there aren't many accidents (and there aren't many policemen!)...and I guess that was what gives Sefo the skill of being able to open a bottle of beer with the clip of the seatbelt!! Its the perfect shape to use as a bottle opener!! After one beer I also got up the courage to try driving!! On the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road! But so long as I remember I have to be in the middle of the road it's not too bad!! I did ok! I just have to learn how to get around here so that I might be able to go places on my own! There is only really one main street, but there are no street signs to help me navigate - I just have to try and remember landmarks and houses that are on the corners!! But its not that big, so if I do try and go somewhere on my own, I'm sure ill find my way back!! Hopefully, coz I cant really ask anyone for directions!!

On Saturday Sefo works in the mornings. This week, after the rain had stopped, we decided to go fishing. Well, Sefo fished (spearfishing) and I snorkelled! The coral is amazing - purples, greens, blues, reds - like the barrier reef before it was damaged! The fish are also amazing - I love to see the angel fish swimming around in their pairs, the tiny electric blue fish that stick close to the coral, the shimmering trevally which Sefo speared!! The fish amongst the coral really are spectacular! So colourful. And friendly! I stood on some coral and had a little rest and they kept coming and nibbling my feet! Perhaps not so friendly!! Sefo caought 9 fish altogether -yum yum!!

On Sunday it was mothers day. Sefos mother wasnt here (his parents were in Noumea) so we went to his relatives house and had lunch there. We ate a little pig, which Sefo was given for fixing someones internet, sushimi, yam, rice, octopus salad and a yummy chocolate cake with icecream for dessert! Sefos Aunt, S, speaks a little bit of English, his Uncle speaks really good english (which we didnt know until lunch!) and his cousin, who we had pizza with, lived in Brisbane for a few years so speaks fluent English. Not that I expect everyone to speak English with me, but it certianly does make it easier and makes me feel more relaxed and part of it all! His aunt is a great cook and makes lunches for people who work for the government - and after I told her I was looking for something to do during the day, she said that maybe I could come and help her! She is in Noumea for a week, but I think it would be lots of fun to go and learn some cooking skills from her, something to keep me busy and maybe she can also help me with my French, and i can help her with her English! Hopefully it happens!

Monday we collected Sefos parents from the airport. Now we have to get the little house fixed up so that we can have some space for ourselves. Sefo has a friend who is supposed to be fixing the tiles, but he hasnt been for a week to do anything -and keeps saying he will come but never quite makes it! Hopefully he comes soon, otherwise we will just move in there anyway and then he will have to work around us!!

The weather is lovely at the moment - warm but then surprising tropical storms arrive - I can see them coming over the ocean - so it pours for a few minutes which cools everything down and then it gets warm again! It hasnt been too humid - more like a good ole fashioned Aussie summer (but with rain!)

So thats been one week down - no home sickness yet!

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  1. Fascinating Jo. Sounds a lot like Tonga. We would love to see some photos. xx