Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Return to Wallis Island!

The massage was definately worth it! Very professional and relaxing! And the good news is that the diva who seems to run the place (he called herself a diva - a man who puts the most beautiful makeup on!) - he said that they are opening a nail salon and a hairdresser in the same little strip which will be great to go to - as an option rather than the expensive resort places!!
It was a good note to leave on...

We arrived in Wallis to pouring rain! So heavy that they made us sit on the plane and wait until it got lighter!! We checked through quickly and waited outside for our ride. Sefos cousins came and picked us up and took us back to their place where his aunt had cooked us a delicious lunch of prawns (using the cognac we bought her duty free!) and some steak and kebabs - and vegies!! - oh, and of course rice! We sat at ate while it poured rain outside! Very tropical! Sefos cousin, L, lived in Sydeny for 3 years so he speaks English so it was nice to be able to chat normally and feel left out too early in my arrival!!

Sefo's house didnt look too different to the way it was when i was here is January - the cyclone (Thomas) destoyed all of the vegetation, but it is growing back, and they have nearly finished all the clean up. It was nice to be back at his place. And to be honest, its nice that his parents are still away on holidasy for another week so that we can have a little place for the 2 of us where its like we are still in Melbourne (in the middle of summer!!)

Sefo has gone back to work. Ive done a little bit of gardening and my next job is to prepare a patch to make my vegetable garden! Ive spent a lot of time on the internet and watching some TV shows ive downloaded! Its so hot in the middle of the day - too hot to do anything outside! Sefo comes home for lunch between 12-2 so its great that i see him during the day!

So far...its good to be back!!

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