Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wedding Update

We had made an appointment to meet up with our wedding planner, S. When we were here in Fiji scouting for wedding venues S was sick and so we met a guy who took us around and showed us the sights of the Sofitel. The guy was helpful and friends, and it was a bit odd that he actually said that if he was getting married he would choose the Outrigger!! I’m not sure he had actually been there though, as the chapel on top of the cliff sounds amazing, but when you are actually there it is incredibly windy and the views over the coral coast aren’t as spectacular as you might imagine since its all coral and not the lovely crashing waves or calm tranquil water that you would hope to find in Fiji – it’s just brown, muddy coral water!!

This time the plan was to meet S and to go over the wedding plans we had to date. She met us in the lobby and we sat down and had a drink and went over some of the details of what we had planned (some were probably new for Sefo since I have done most of the planning while he has been in Wallis!) We went for a walk around the Sofitel and revisited the important places – which were all different to what we had originally been shown!! Apart from the chapel of course! But it’s better than before – the dinner venue is more secluded and has a paved dance floor! The wet weather backup room is small but fingers crossed in August we won’t need that!! It was great to be able to go back and see it all and get a clear picture in our head of what will be happening! It amazes me how many people arrange a wedding in Fiji without seeing any of the venues – pictures always look good, but reality can be very different!

We did have a little scare with regard to the wedding plans when we arrived in Fiji –I brought Sefo’s wedding ring from Australia – we bought them together but it was being made in his size so I had to pick it up and bring it over – he tried it on here and it’s pretty tight!! Oh no!! Although I remember thinking the same thing when I got my engagement ring, and my finger seems to have shrunk to fit it – or something has happened to make it fit better!! But anyway, we decided to go into Nadi Town to see if we could find a jeweller to re-size it as it was really our only chance to as I doubt it can be done in Wallis!! We tried all 3 jewellers but apparently in Fiji they don’t resize white gold (its 2 colours) so it looks like the ring we have will have to do! Although hopefully it will be ok as when we got back to the hotel and he tried it on a bit more and thinks ‘it’ll be right’!! I guess it has to be!! At least til we come back to Oz!! At least his suit fits!!

Now just a few last things to finalise! And only 2 and a half month to go!!

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